Notion Guide – Research Project (Doodables)

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The Notion guide helps you to develop and think through your research project.

The guide is divided into three parts:

  1. Overview

  2. Permanent Notes

  3. Thinking ...

In the overview section, the four main points of each research project are stated in simple terms

  •  What is the problem?

  • What is the solution to this problem?

  • How does the solution work?

  • How do I go about it?

In the Permanent Notes section you collect everything important for your research project. To have a structure in this collection, I use the note box method. The areas are divided according to the usual areas according to this system into - Map of content, simple questions, reviews, arguments, issues, fleeting notes. Literature does not appear here, because it should be rather specifically assigned directly to a statement depending on the content.

In the Thinking section the relevant questions for your research project are answered in detail.

  • What exactly is the problem?

  • Why does the problem exist at all?

  • What is my exact answer?

  • How does my answer solve the problem?

  • What are others saying about the problem?

  • How do others solve this problem?

  • How is my approach different from the approach of others?

  • Contra Evidence

  • Pro Evidence

Once you have addressed all the questions and points sufficiently well, it is only one step to the final draft of your paper.

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Notion Guide – Research Project (Doodables)

6 ratings
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